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Mid-Term Review of Year 12 – 15 February 2013

Read on to see exclusive behind-the-scenes video footage of Furze Platt’s Harlem Shake clip, plus photos from this year’s Guys & Dolls school musical production.

Inspired, perhaps, by the coalition government’s recent progress update, I’ve decided to do my very own little ‘mid-term review’ of my time in Year 12 at Furze Platt Senior School’s Sixth Form. Including inset days, weekends, and the two holiday breaks so far, it’s 164 days since I walked through the school gates in my then-new suit for the first time.

Today marked the end of the third term of six of the 2012/13 academic year.

It’s a term that, frankly, I’m glad to see the back of. Beginning with the stress of January exams, it concluded with the pressure of coursework deadlines and an ever-present struggle to ‘get everything done’.

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Olympic Torch Reaches Maidenhead – 10 July 2012

Hover over pictures for captions or keep reading for a video of the Olympic Torch Relay going straight through the town.

HERE IT IS: Furze Platt Senior School pupils lined the banks of the road to watch as the Torch passed the school. (IMG_8810_ARB-edited)

For weeks, I’ve been watching the Torchcam live stream and looking at daily pictures from each day’s leg of the journey, excitedly awaiting the arrival of the Olympic Torch Relay in my hometown of Maidenhead. I couldn’t believe my luck back in March when I found out the starting location for the convoy was in fact the end of my estate, Cranbrook Drive! I immediately began dreaming of following the Torch right the way through its Maidenhead journey, armed with my camera and riding my bicycle. My mother, keen for me not to be disappointed, warned that my grand scheme wouldn’t work – if I’m honest, I doubted I’d see much too – but unfazed by the dramatic video of the similarly pedal-powered youngster getting too close to the torchbearer and being tackled by the security officials in Suffolk, I rode up to Furze Platt Road and waited for the flame to arrive.

Click here to read on, see more pictures, and watch a video of the morning.

Advert: ‘Tom’ (Google+) – 31 March 2012

It’s almost exactly two years since John Lewis aired their renowned Always A Woman advert for the first time, which followed one fame from infant girl to loving grandmother. After seeing it in that night’s edition of Britain’s Got Talent, I took to this blog to share it with readers. And that I intend to do with another advert – or ‘commercial’, as the marketers of the American company it promotes would say – this one for Google and, specifically, their Google+ social network.

Google have effectively given their own take on that JL Never Knowingly Undersold campaign, using Jaques’s All The World’s A Stage monologue from Shakespeare‘s As You Like It as the ‘soundtrack’ to the 90-second commercial, read by Benedict Cumberbatch.

Personally, I still prefer the beautiful colouring of the 2010 ad even though, unlike this one, it’s technically impossible: the child at the birthday party could not have been wearing clothes from the same era as the elderly lady seen at the end of the video if they were indeed the same person (in this one, there’s two ‘real time’ eras, with Tom’s son, Tom today, and Tom as a grandfather illustrating the ‘seven ages of man’, getting around that problem). But even still, it’s a great clip, and interesting to see Google (a long-pioneering web company) advertising through a much older and less-targetable medium (one that they don’t have any control over) for what is really the first time.