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VIDEO: Furze Platt on Yorkshire Three Peaks – 18 July 2013

As everyone knows, the weekend before last saw pure skill combined with sheer determination, as an immense physical challenge was overcome. Despite the soaring temperatures, still the ultimate goal was achieved, creating a grand sense of jubilation.

I write, of course, about my Sixth Form’s efforts on the Yorkshire Three Peaks. Having trained since the start of the year, it all came down to the weekend of 5 to 7 July (which, coincidentally, I might add, was the same weekend Andy Murray won the Wimbledon Championships).

TROOPER: Andrew Burdett approaching the summit of Ingleborough (Peak Number 1). (IMG_6978)

In just a few days’ time, I’ll be bringing you, dear readers, the full story from the 40km hike with photography, but until then enjoy this brand-new video, documenting our entire expedition.

(Sorry: it’s a bit of a long one – about ten minutes in total – but, trust me, you’ll want to watch it for the ending…)

WATCH the expedition video here.

FP3Peaks Expedition Hill-Walking Training – 27 June 2013

There’s now just over a week to go until the start of our Three Peaks weekend. Next Friday, approximately 40 Year 12s (including myself) will head up to Yorkshire in school minibuses. Then, on the Saturday (6 July), we’ll set off on the mammoth trek itself.

Said to be 26 miles long, including roughly 10,000 ft of ascent, we’re looking to complete the course in under ten hours.

REACH THE TOP: Miss MacAngus, Mr Zair, and Mr Taylor, with Pete Watt at the top of Winter Hill. (IMG_6557)

Having missed last week’s training hike to participate in my church’s Music Festival, I joined four others for a hill-walking session after-school today.


Potential Winner of a Darwin Award? – 27 September 2010

Me on a Segway (2008) For anyone who doesn’t know, the Darwin Awards are a tongue-in-cheek ‘honour’, given to people who “do a service to humanity by removing themselves from the gene pool”. This means, in short, idiots who lose the ability to reproduce – most commonly by dying.

Previous winners have included a juggler (who juggled live hand grenades), a man who filmed skydivers (who jumped out of the plane without a parachute), and someone who tried to prove that a window was unbreakable (it wasn’t – he crashed through it and fell to his death).

But you may be thinking ‘Ah, this is all very well, but why’s there a picture of a very young Andrew on a Segway?’ Let me explain.

Yesterday, Jimi Heselden (the owner of the UK division of Segway®) was found dead in the River Wharfe in Yorkshire. Sad as this is, with him was a “Segway-type” vehicle. It is believed, therefore, that he rode the scooter off a cliff, and fell into the river.

Further details are not yet clear. It is unsure whether it was suicide or an accident. His family have asked for privacy at this time.


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