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In Pictures: Snow of January 2013 – 26 January 2013

Despite having been warned about it for some time, the snow that fell on Friday, 18 January still caused havoc and brought the nation to its knees. For me and my fellow students at Furze Platt Seniors – along with schoolchildren across the country – it meant an afternoon off school, as the site was deemed increasingly unsafe to be kept open. Ms White, Furze Platt’s Headteacher, would always be the last to take the drastic action of sending students home early (indeed, some other schools in the area didn’t even open their doors that morning), but she was left with little other decision than to start locking up – for the safety of the 1,200+ students, and scores of staff – at 11:30am.

As the last of the snow begins to melt, enjoy this gallery of pictures, taken over the first few days of the wintry weather.

Hello GMT: Clocks Go Back Tonight – 27 October 2012

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Clocks go back one hour ‘tonight’.

The Andrew Burdett Blog wishes to remind readers to put their clocks and watches back by one hour tonight.

Good news! Tomorrow (Sunday) is the annual Extra-Hour-in-Bed Day as British Summer Time (BST) comes to an end, and we welcome back Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). But what a summer it’s been: think of the Jubilee, and the Olympics and Paralympics, and my horrible knee – all that’s happened since we last fiddled with that twiddly thing (known as the ‘stem’) on the side of our timepieces.

We end up with the strange paradox whereby the minute following the first 1:59am tomorrow (Sunday, 28 October 2012) morning is 1:00am again.

CHANGING TIMES: Don't forget to put your clock watch BACK tonight. (img_5468)

Why do the clocks change?

The excellent website of Woodlands Junior School in Kent explains:

We’ve been changing our clocks forwards and backwards in the UK since 1916. It’s all to do with saving the hours of daylight, and was started by a man called William Willett, a London builder, who lived in Petts Wood in Kent (near our school).

William Willett first proposed the idea of British Summer Time in 1907 in a pamphlet entitled ‘The Waste of Daylight’. Willett had noticed that the summer mornings’ light was wasted while people slept, and that the time would be better utilised in the afternoon by putting the clocks forward. After campaigning for years the British Government finally adopted the system a year after Willett’s death.

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Walking in the Winter Sun – 14 January 2012

AND THEN SHALL YOUR LIGHT SHINE FORTH: The sun seen shining bright behind a fence. (IMG_1863)

With Harriet due to go back to university tomorrow after spending the festive period skiing in France and at home with us, we decided to take a late-afternoon stroll down by the river. Matthew voted against coming, but the four of us that did go were rewarded with beautiful views.

Parking the car at the Boulter’s Lock car-park, we set off in a north-easterly direction up the footpath, going against the flow of the water. The golden colours made for some great photograph opportunities, and Mum and I both spotted two figures on the other side of the river in Cliveden‘s grounds.

NAMELESS COUPLE: Two figures seen on the other side of the water. (IMG_1826)

SNAPPY SNAPS: Mum photographs some of the cooler colours. (IMG_1829)

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