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VIDEO: DofE Silver This Weekend – 19 July 2013

This afternoon, I’m off to the Norfolk Broads where, with six others, I’ll be completing the Expedition section of my Duke of Edinburgh’s Silver Award.

Some of my longer-serving followers will be aware that last year’s heavy rain and resultant high waters led to the canoe expedition being postponed. Happily, if the weather turns out to be anything even remotely like it’s been of late, this weekend is set to give us a gorgeous few days on the water.

Ahead of today, we had a much-needed ‘refresher’ of our canoe skills and rescue procedures last week, including the ‘worst case scenario’ involving everybody capsizing.

Watch the video below as my friends and I practise the various drills.

WATCH a video of our training efforts here.

VIDEO: Furze Platt on Yorkshire Three Peaks – 18 July 2013

As everyone knows, the weekend before last saw pure skill combined with sheer determination, as an immense physical challenge was overcome. Despite the soaring temperatures, still the ultimate goal was achieved, creating a grand sense of jubilation.

I write, of course, about my Sixth Form’s efforts on the Yorkshire Three Peaks. Having trained since the start of the year, it all came down to the weekend of 5 to 7 July (which, coincidentally, I might add, was the same weekend Andy Murray won the Wimbledon Championships).

TROOPER: Andrew Burdett approaching the summit of Ingleborough (Peak Number 1). (IMG_6978)

In just a few days’ time, I’ll be bringing you, dear readers, the full story from the 40km hike with photography, but until then enjoy this brand-new video, documenting our entire expedition.

(Sorry: it’s a bit of a long one – about ten minutes in total – but, trust me, you’ll want to watch it for the ending…)

WATCH the expedition video here.

Furze Platt Shake: Making Of and Reaction – 4 March 2013

EVERYBODY DANCE NOW: Ellie Brown tweeted this picture while we were preparing to film the exciting second shot. (BDJFl8wCEAAUGzy_elliebrun)

I wrote a post last month about filming our very own Furze Platt Sixth Form take on the popular Harlem Shake video phenomenon that is sweeping the web.

Here, just briefly, is how we did it.

We had a twenty-minute window to get the footage we needed. Given it was, after all, only going to result in 30 seconds’ worth of screen time, that may sound like a lot. It wasn’t. Not when you have to brief the scores of excitable participants, remove all clues of the mock-anarchy that is soon to descend on the common room, and politely explain to a teacher why it isn’t necessarily that easy to “honestly just really quickly” get a coffee from the machine right next to our camera. Factor in the need to fix a technical fault with the loudspeakers that would play the music track, and include also the time needed to get changed and reset for the second shot, and it becomes a miracle to think that we got what we needed in time. Read the rest of this entry