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New Video: St Luke’s Trip to London – 11 September 2011

Back in August, during the school summer holidays, St Luke’s enjoyed a trip to London, where participants explored the British Library, stood for a photograph under Paul Day’s famous The Meeting Place sculpture at St Pancras International, and took a tour of St Paul’s Cathedral from the man who designed it, Sir Christopher Wren. I’ve just finished editing the video from that trip (don’t worry, I haven’t been working on it solidly since the summer), and it’s now available to view online by clicking here.

WELL BLOW ME_Sir John Betjeman's statue at St Pancras Railway Station.

BUS THROUGH LONDON_Church trip members take the bus through the Capital.

STANDING TALL_A bust of a figure in front of a large bookcase at the British Library.

INTRICATE DETAIL_The view of the ceiling of St Paul's Cathedral, as witnessed when laying on the floor of the quire.

CHEERFULLY CLOUDY_Me and my sister, Harriet, at the Golden Gallery on top of St Paul's Cathedral.

New Video: DofE Bronze Expedition – 13 July 2011

WATERTIGHT_Special camera equipment was used on the water

Last night, at 4 Marlow Road, my Bronze DofE group showed our projects to the assessor. My friend Jake Smith did a joint-project as a music video, and during the trip he filmed all of us dancing along to the S Club song Reach. The choice of the music was because, during our practice expedition, the eight of us had had an argument over the lyric “Reach for the stars”, with my friend Jack Clifton certain that the line was in fact “Reach for the sky”. Whilst I say that it was a joint-project, in reality I think sadly Jake ended up doing all of the work, with his two ‘colleagues’ leaving him to do it for them. You can watch his video here.

I did my project in video form also, though as a more documentary-style. Actually, I think I probably spent vastly too long on it – compared to my peers, who mainly did theirs as they went along, I spent hours in front of my computer yesterday (in addition to the time spent filming it during the event). I am pleased with the result, especially how I managed to “recycle” the aborted edit of the practice expedition, and use its footage and one of the sequences in it on this film.

So then, below, for your viewing pleasure, my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Expedition!

New Video: Ben Scrace Teaching Film – 4 July 2011

VIELEN DANK_Pupils give Ben Scrace a 'thank you' card after teaching them German

Some time ago, I wrote a blog about three upcoming films that I promised to put together "soon". One (the practice Bronze DofE expedition video) has since been cancelled – or rather recycled. I’ve stripped off sequences and sections to include in the video of the real thing, but there’ll never be a full-length film of the practice exped. A second of the prophesised three, about the Taplow Youth Choir trip to Catalonia, is now entering post-production and will be online just before the summer.

The delay is a result of revision but, with my exams out of the way and just coursework now outstanding, I’ve finally had time to get on with an edit of Ben Scrace (UK/German Youth Ambassador and Furze Platt Senior School Head Boy) voluntarily teaching German at Furze Platt Junior School. And it’s just in time too; Ben headed out to Berlin on Saturday morning clutching a warm copy of the DVD, burnt remotely from my iPod on Friday night.

"Off to Berlin for summer Youth Ambassadors’ conference armed with video kindly produced by @andrewburdett1 and many articles. #Berlin"

— Ben Scrace, Twitter Update, 2 July 2011

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