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Salters’ Chemistry Camp – 13 to 15 July 2011

DO NOT DRINK_Acids, ethanes, and sulphides in the labs at the University of Bath.

In February, I received an email from Mrs Heales, my Chemistry teacher and the head of science at my school. In it, she wrote about the upcoming Salters’ Chemistry Camps, taking place in universities around the country. With places filling up fast and keen not to have to march all the way up to Fife, I filled in my application form for the Bath University one. However, as I went – first thing the next morning – to hand it in, there was a problem. Also in the classroom, handing in their completed forms too, were a dozen of my classmates and peers. As Miss was only allowed to send four students from Furze Platt, it came to the luck of a draw and, sadly, my name wasn’t chosen. I was gutted. Having looked up the camps, I’d seen photos from previous years and was certain they’d be good fun. There was, though, a glimmer of hope. One lad who’d, for deeply political reasons, had a place ‘reserved’ for him, kept forgetting his form, so there was a re-draw for the fourth place. Needless to say, mine was the lucky name plucked from the hat (or rather test tube), so on Wednesday, I set off for Bath on the train.

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Indian Train Derailing – 28 May 2010

In India, in an area known to be a stronghold of Maoist Rebels, two trains collided after one was deliberately derailed. Around 65 people are reported to have died. One train, containing cars and passengers, was smashed into by a goods train.

The Calcutta-Mumbai passenger train during the night, in West Bengal where a section of track had been removed. This was described by officials as “an act of sabotage”.

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Gringer Hill Incident – 9 May 2010

This morning, at the crack of dawn, I was going down Gringer Hill (being driven by my sister), and at the bottom there were several police cars, a riot police van, an ambulance and a large area of cordoned off by ‘Police Line Do Not Cross’ tape. Forensic guys in white overalls arrived at 8:00am, and were still there by mid-day. It looks – to be honest – like a suicide or even murder, but everything at this stage is merely speculation. What we do know; is that assuming it is something along those lines, I am among those whose thoughts and prayers are with the family/families of the victims.

UPDATE: 20:37. Checked the Maidenhead Advertiser website. It suggests that it wasn’t a murder, but a serious assault with a man found on the grass at 6:00am. Read more on the Advertiser’s site.

Police teams were set up around this bridge and grass on the right
Police teams were set up around this bridge and grass on the right