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St Luke’s Post-Christmas Party – 15 January 2012

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THE VENUE: For many years, the annual party has been held at the Magnet Leisure Centre. (IMG_1893)

Every year, St Luke’s PCC partly subsidise a party for Youth Church members, held primarily at the Magnet Leisure Centre. After a free swim to kick things off, the youngsters moved into the Main Hall where the bouncy assault course was inflated and ready to go.

SAFETY FIRST: Harriet ran through the safety procedures before allowing anyone on the bouncy assault course. (IMG_1877)

JUMP AROUND: Small and bigger kids played on the assault course. (IMG_1907)

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St Luke’s New Year’s Day Firework Party – 1 January 2012

The church’s ‘Light Party‘ (the brainchild of new vicar Sally Lynch) at the end of October postponed the usual Bonfire Night firework party to this evening, New Year’s Day.

LOGS ON THE FIRE: Luke Darracott stands with younger congregation members as the bonfire burns. (IMG_1043)

As ever, Eileen and Peter Goford offered the use of their house and garden for the event, which is targeted at the members of the Youth Church. Despite little recent publicity, there were a good number of people there, and everyone brought either food, fireworks, or both.

WATERCOLOURS: Despite the rain, a good number of younger congregation members attended. (IMG_1100)

Sadly, there was a fairly constant (even if quite light) supply of rain, but many of the children (and the less-hardy adults) preferred to sit on the bench by the living room window anyway – sheltered from the wet, cold, and noise!

GIVE IT YOUR BEST SHOT: Brothers play on the table football game. (IMG_1150)

Eileen’s table football game proved more popular than ever, with the majority of the younger attendees having at least one match, while their parents sipped hot tea and chatted with each other about what they’d all been up to over the festive period.

FIZZ AND BANG: Two grounded fireworks at the event this evening. (IMG_1069)

After refuelling with the vast amount of party food brought along by attendees to share, we returned to our places for the second part of the firework display.

CHEEKY CHAPPY: A youngster looks on at the fireworks outside. (IMG_1135)

As ever, the evening concluded with the dispersion of sparklers, and everyone had a go at drawing some kind of shape in the air.

BRIGHT SPARK: Rhys Bartholomew plays with a sparkler. (IMG_1185)

NEVER TOO OLD: Luke Darracott had fun with the sparklers too. (IMG_1192)

Christingle Factory – 23 December 2011

Scroll down or click here for a video of the afternoon.

FRUITY SERVICE_Christingles ready for distribution tomorrow.

Every year, a team of volunteers descend on St Luke’s Parish Centre to assist with the production of the 250 Christingles needed for the annual Christmas Eve service. This year was no exception, and the usual factory line was in full operation by the time we arrived just after 3:00pm.

PRODUCTION TEAM_The volunteers helping with the making of the Christingles.

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