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Andy Murray Wins Wimbledon – 7 July 2013

Say it now. Say it again. Remind yourself that, today, in blistering heat, on slippy worn-out grass, Andy Murray won on Centre Court at Wimbledon.

CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS: Andy Murray won the Championships today.

Throughout the season, journalists have filed endless reports on the exceptional circumstances of this electrifying Championships. They told us that this was shaping up to be the game-changing year. This year’s action in SW19 – so they said – would be remembered for decades.

And how right they were.

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The Dramatic Oxbridge Boat Race – 7 April 2012

That was quite a race.

Actually, it wasn’t a race at all. After the half-way point, it was problem-after-problem, in the most exciting and dramatic (but arguably also the saddest) Boat Race in the history of the annual competition between the two top universities.

Oxford were the strong favourites to win and, as expected, charged off the start. But Cambridge didn’t let the gap between the two boats widen any more than a quarter of a length, and as the two teams went under the Hammersmith Bridge, it was (quite against the odds) suddenly becoming a very tight race. After seven minutes, working off an advantage from the corner, Cambridge had pulled into the lead: "They’ve kept alongside Oxford for so long – and now they’re starting to make it count", as a BBC commentator reported. For the next three-and-a-half minutes, it remained anyone’s guess as to who would win.

"Trust is a word you hear so much from rowing crews: trust in your own ability, trust in your own capacity, trust in the cox, trust in each other’s ability, trust in each other as a unit, to dig deep and give everything that you can in your power to take your boat to the finishing line first."

— BBC commentator, ‘The Boat Race‘, 7 April 2012

00:02 mm:ss into the race.

00:07 mm:ss into the race.

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