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Post-Exam Thoughts: GCSE Physics P3 – 30 May 2012

As a subject I hope to take next year at AS-Level, today’s Physics exam was one of the ones that was more important to me. Unlike Thursday’s Chemistry paper, though, (a subject in which – thanks to modular exams – I already have high grades adding to my overall grade), I have a lower overall Physics ‘score’ thus far, so today’s exam ‘carried more weight’.

DARK SIDE OF THE EXAMS: I revised refraction and reflection lots, but couldn't manage the ray diagram question. (967833_20713519)

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Post-Exam Thoughts: GCSE Biology B3 – 21 May 2012

This being the first exam of my busiest week of the exam season, I’ve little time to write this post, but just quickly here are my post-exam thoughts on today’s Biology B3 paper.

NO LONGER NEEDED: All being well, I won't need this textbook any more. (IMG_2879)

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GCSE Exam Results Day – 25 August 2011


Although I’m only Year 10, I still had a batch of exams this summer, and today – alongside people who’d just finished Year 11 – I got my results back.

They were as follows:

I’m genuinely dead chuffed. I worked hard, but as most of my post-exam ‘My Thoughts’ blogs (accessible by clicking the links above) were rather pessimistic, it’s all a bit of a surprise.

However, this is just the start. My results card is a fraction of the length it will be in a year’s time. The work’s only going to get harder. And soon. We return to school in less than two weeks.