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FPSS Berlin Trip: Day Three – 15 February 2012

The day began with somewhat of a rush, and despite setting my alarm with plenty of time to get washed and dressed, the ‘Snooze’ button was just too tempting. As a result, we had just half an hour for the four of us to get through the shower and to put on some threads, before breakfast at 7:30am.

ALL ABOARD THE MAGIC BUS: We were driven to Sachsenhausen by coach. (IMG_7841)

The reason behind the push for time was because we would be spending a few hours at the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, 75 minutes away by coach. Though I’d brought my iPod dock along with me, in the event I didn’t actually get it out, partly because the majority of the rest of the group were using the time to have another forty winks, but mainly because I thought it inappropriate for us all to arrive merry and bubbly after a coach singalong to One Direction’s What Makes You Beautiful.

SICKENING IRONY: We arrived at Sachsenhausen through the door. (IMG_7853)

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