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Photo of the Week – 1 May 2011


This Week’s Photo

After last Sunday’s Easter special, this week sees a Royal Wedding picture in the spotlight!

Rather than showing the happy couple, this photo – like almost all of my pictures from that day – shows the atmosphere: people holding cameras up, leaning out over barriers, and watching through periscopes supplied by British TV channel Blighty. I like how you can see the eyes of the periscope-users in the mirror, like the eyes of the world looking out to Westminster Abbey. I also like the contrast of the densely-populated footpath, and the sparsely-populated road (a mere three police officers are in shot).

Most of the people in this photo won’t have seen a thing that day (unless they watched the highlights when they got home, of course). But, like everyone else, they were part of the atmosphere. They were part of the “estimated one million well-wishers gathered in London for the wedding”. Their children/grandchildren will be told of the day they watched “the King and Queen marry” – however long it takes for that day to come.

You can read my account of the day (and night before) in a blog I wrote on Friday evening or watch my experiences in this YouTube video. There’s also a post from this afternoon, as I look back over three Royal Wedding-themed UK political cartoons.

About ‘Photo of the Week’

Every Sunday, I’m intending to post a photograph taken at some point during the previous seven days. I know that many of the photos featured will not be of enviable quality, but then the aim is mainly to give me something to nostalgically look back over at the end of the year.

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Gringer Hill Incident – 9 May 2010

This morning, at the crack of dawn, I was going down Gringer Hill (being driven by my sister), and at the bottom there were several police cars, a riot police van, an ambulance and a large area of cordoned off by ‘Police Line Do Not Cross’ tape. Forensic guys in white overalls arrived at 8:00am, and were still there by mid-day. It looks – to be honest – like a suicide or even murder, but everything at this stage is merely speculation. What we do know; is that assuming it is something along those lines, I am among those whose thoughts and prayers are with the family/families of the victims.

UPDATE: 20:37. Checked the Maidenhead Advertiser website. It suggests that it wasn’t a murder, but a serious assault with a man found on the grass at 6:00am. Read more on the Advertiser’s site.

Police teams were set up around this bridge and grass on the right
Police teams were set up around this bridge and grass on the right