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In Pictures: Year 11 Graduation Day – 26 June 2013

_MG_6240Twelve months ago, on the day in between my final GCSE exam and the ‘prom’ ball, my classmates and I donned academic gowns and mortarboard caps to formally ‘graduate’ from Furze Platt. For many, it was an entirely trivial affair: the vast majority of the yeargroup returned in September, to join the Sixth Form. But for others, it marked their last hours on the school site, at the end of five happy years at the Senior School.

Since last June, time – as I’ve occasionally stopped to remark – has flown by with shocking speed. Now Head Boy, in a year’s time I myself will have left Furze Platt. Again. Except this time it’ll have been for good.

But today I was able to pause to watch as, a year on from the start of my own glorious summer of Year 11, my younger schoolmates took their turn at wearing the formalwear.

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GCSEs 2012: It’s All Over, Let The Summer Begin – 27 June 2012

What a feeling! Months of relearning, revision, and stress are over. This morning, I completed my last exam of the season – and, all being well, my last ever GCSE exam – meaning I am now ‘free’.

AND NOW THE END IS HERE: This morning's GCSE German Reading paper was my last exam of the season. (IMG_6207)

“Right, with any luck, tomorrow’s #German‬ exam will be my last #GCSE‬ ever. And oh, boy, will it be great to leave the exam-hall tomorrow.”

— Andrew Burdett, tweet, 26 June 2012

Never again will I have to prepare and sit such a great number and wide range of subjects. It’s easy for those older than me – who’ve sat much longer and harder exams – to look at me and say “You don’t know what’s coming, boy”, but for me it really does feel like an achievement.

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Post-Exam Thoughts: GCSE German Unit 2 (Reading) – 27 June 2012

Unlike last Monday’s Listening paper, which I sat at Foundation Tier, I’d been entered for the full-whack Higher Tier in this German Reading exam. Miraculously, in the first past-paper I sat (the exact same one I’d sat in the Mock exam at Christmas), I achieved an A* – albeit by the skin of my teeth. Sadly, there was less luck for the other three past-papers I completed, attaining mid to high Bs in all of them.

CLOSING THE BOOKS: At the end of three years of German-learning (two years less than French and Spanish students) I've finished the course.

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