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TV: How Times Have Changed – 27 February 2011

MONOCHROME BOX_Children watching Andy Pandy on a black and white TV.

Television today is a world apart from the TV of yesteryear. While programmes like Blue Peter, Coronation Street, and Panorama have all celebrated 50 years on the airwaves in the last decade, the way in which we watch them has changed dramatically.

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A Quote – 20 March 2010

I was browsing the BBC’s News website, and came across a very interesting blog about theatre, and specifically the opening and closing ceremony of the Olympics. In regards to the handover to London, Will Gompertz wrote:

Boris Johnson waved a flag, not completely convincingly, before presenting the world with some of the oldest cliches [sic] about London. A slow red bus; queues; bowler hats; lots of umbrellas. This was not the hip, modern or funky city that London has been presenting itself as over the last couple of decades. Leona Lewis might as well have told those watching that “the food’s awful, too”.

And it’s true. We didn’t really sell ourselves. But with just 860 days to go until the start of the Olympics, and around £35 million to spend on the two ceremonies, it’ll be interesting to see what London has to offer.

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