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Good Friday at Church – 22 April 2011

Despite lacking in the artistic talents of former St Luke’s vicar Richard Holroyd, the annual Good Friday Activity Morning went ahead, led by creative congregation-member Carole Baughan.

This year, despite a noticeable shortage of children, we made chocolate crispy cakes, Easter boxes, and walked on a path of footprints.

CRAFTY_Children making Easter boxes.

LIKE FATHER LIKE SON_Will Mohr and son Johan make a chocolate crispy cake.

GET STUCK IN_Ruth Baughan, 19, adds her footprints to a path of painted feet.

Revd Terry Robinson, who led the footprint activity pointed out the symbolic representation of her washing the feet of the punters after their dunk in the paint.

This year, the big activity was to make a large cross. On one side, it is plastered in the sadder headlines of recent newspapers, whilst the other (to be revealed on Easter Day) is a beautiful design in warm colours.

SMILES ALL ROUND_Harriet Burdett, 19, works on a part of the artwork for the Easter Day cross.

GOOD FRIDAY CROSS_The sadder side of the cross, lasting until Easter Day.

I made this video for the church’s YouTube account.

Something I Didn’t Know Yesterday – 16 September 2010

Catholics in Britain_church-going_BBCWith all of the commotion of the Pope’s visit, it’s good to know who is actually a Catholic in Britain. There were fears that the road parade would be poorly-attended, and the open-air Mass only attracted 70% of expected crowds, so how many Catholics are there in the UK?

According to the BBC, there are approximately a billion Roman Catholics in the world, and five million (in 2001) in Britain.

72% of people in Great Britain are Christian (made up of the Church of England, Church of Scotland, Church in Wales, Catholic, Protestant and all other Christian denominations).

So now you know…

Gringer Hill Incident – 9 May 2010

This morning, at the crack of dawn, I was going down Gringer Hill (being driven by my sister), and at the bottom there were several police cars, a riot police van, an ambulance and a large area of cordoned off by ‘Police Line Do Not Cross’ tape. Forensic guys in white overalls arrived at 8:00am, and were still there by mid-day. It looks – to be honest – like a suicide or even murder, but everything at this stage is merely speculation. What we do know; is that assuming it is something along those lines, I am among those whose thoughts and prayers are with the family/families of the victims.

UPDATE: 20:37. Checked the Maidenhead Advertiser website. It suggests that it wasn’t a murder, but a serious assault with a man found on the grass at 6:00am. Read more on the Advertiser’s site.

Police teams were set up around this bridge and grass on the right
Police teams were set up around this bridge and grass on the right