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Indian Train Derailing – 28 May 2010

In India, in an area known to be a stronghold of Maoist Rebels, two trains collided after one was deliberately derailed. Around 65 people are reported to have died. One train, containing cars and passengers, was smashed into by a goods train.

The Calcutta-Mumbai passenger train during the night, in West Bengal where a section of track had been removed. This was described by officials as “an act of sabotage”.

More details on the Beeb.

England Basks in Glorious Sunshine – 22 May 2010

garden_chair This May has been pretty damp. Sure, there’s been alright days, but until today it was looking quite grey and glum. But it’s been glorious; with windows up and down the country being flung open, lunches eaten on grass around England, and gardeners making the most of the wonderful weather.

padding in new plantsDad’s been busy in the garden; removing all the dead daffodils, buying and putting in many new plants, and even installing an entire pond and pump!

It’s been great. Let’s look forward to many more days of beautiful weather.