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VIDEO: DofE Gold Starts Today – 4 August 2013

Apologies straight away, dear readers, to those who’ll doubtless have found the coverage of my DofE Award adventures somewhat tiring. (However, I’m afraid it’s sort of tough luck: there’ll be yet more posts, photographs, and video content, from Norfolk’s Silver expedition and the Gold final practice in Cumbria, in the coming months.)


At last – and you have no idea how close we’ve already been to failing – it seems we’re all finally ready for our real (assessed) Gold trip, which is just as well – we’re leaving Maidenhead at around 9:00am this morning.

To whet the appetites of the remaining few online followers who still ‘want more’, here’s a short clip (filmed earlier this week) soon after laying the map-cards out on the floor of Luke’s house.

WATCH Andrew guide viewers through the route.

VIDEO: DofE Silver This Weekend – 19 July 2013

This afternoon, I’m off to the Norfolk Broads where, with six others, I’ll be completing the Expedition section of my Duke of Edinburgh’s Silver Award.

Some of my longer-serving followers will be aware that last year’s heavy rain and resultant high waters led to the canoe expedition being postponed. Happily, if the weather turns out to be anything even remotely like it’s been of late, this weekend is set to give us a gorgeous few days on the water.

Ahead of today, we had a much-needed ‘refresher’ of our canoe skills and rescue procedures last week, including the ‘worst case scenario’ involving everybody capsizing.

Watch the video below as my friends and I practise the various drills.

WATCH a video of our training efforts here.

In Pictures: Year 11 Graduation Day – 26 June 2013

_MG_6240Twelve months ago, on the day in between my final GCSE exam and the ‘prom’ ball, my classmates and I donned academic gowns and mortarboard caps to formally ‘graduate’ from Furze Platt. For many, it was an entirely trivial affair: the vast majority of the yeargroup returned in September, to join the Sixth Form. But for others, it marked their last hours on the school site, at the end of five happy years at the Senior School.

Since last June, time – as I’ve occasionally stopped to remark – has flown by with shocking speed. Now Head Boy, in a year’s time I myself will have left Furze Platt. Again. Except this time it’ll have been for good.

But today I was able to pause to watch as, a year on from the start of my own glorious summer of Year 11, my younger schoolmates took their turn at wearing the formalwear.

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