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Furze Platt Shake: Making Of and Reaction – 4 March 2013

EVERYBODY DANCE NOW: Ellie Brown tweeted this picture while we were preparing to film the exciting second shot. (BDJFl8wCEAAUGzy_elliebrun)

I wrote a post last month about filming our very own Furze Platt Sixth Form take on the popular Harlem Shake video phenomenon that is sweeping the web.

Here, just briefly, is how we did it.

We had a twenty-minute window to get the footage we needed. Given it was, after all, only going to result in 30 seconds’ worth of screen time, that may sound like a lot. It wasn’t. Not when you have to brief the scores of excitable participants, remove all clues of the mock-anarchy that is soon to descend on the common room, and politely explain to a teacher why it isn’t necessarily that easy to “honestly just really quickly” get a coffee from the machine right next to our camera. Factor in the need to fix a technical fault with the loudspeakers that would play the music track, and include also the time needed to get changed and reset for the second shot, and it becomes a miracle to think that we got what we needed in time. Read the rest of this entry

Maidenhead Christmas Lights Switch-On – 26 November 2011

Scroll down or click here for my video of the event.

SHOCK AND AWE_Fireworks surprised everyone by being detonated from in front of the Town Hall.

As is traditional in towns and cities across the UK, today saw Maidenhead’s annual Christmas Lights Switch-On event take place in front of the Town Hall. At 6:00pm, from the balcony of the Mayor’s parlour, a young girl who won a competition run by the Maidenhead Advertiser flicked the all-important switch. Hundreds of fireworks were detonated, and the High Street’s hanging decorations were illuminated. Mayor Asghar Majeed helped with the proceedings, fresh from carrying out the same duty in Windsor last week.

BEST SEATS IN THE HOUSE_Dignitaries watch from the Mayor's parlour, as the fireworks go up in the air.

BLAZE OF COLOUR_Red fireworks are let off from the roof of a Maidenhead office block.

HANGING LIGHTS_Suspended Christmas lights in the town centre.

STAR ATTRACTION_The giant Christmas tree in Nicholson's Walk.


Below, for your viewing pleasure, my video of today’s switch-on event.

VIDEO_My video of today’s switch-on event.

Maidenhead Carnival 2011: I Performed on the Stage – 11 June 2011

CENTRE-STAGE_On stage at the Maidenhead Carnival. (Photo: Natalie Hills)

When I first found out that Norden Lights, the organisation which provides drama classes at Norden Farm, had been allocated a one-hour slot on the main stage for this year’s Maidenhead Carnival, I couldn’t wait to find out how artistic director Dave Farey was going to organise over 100 children into one performance.

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