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In Pictures: Year 11 Graduation Day – 26 June 2013

_MG_6240Twelve months ago, on the day in between my final GCSE exam and the ‘prom’ ball, my classmates and I donned academic gowns and mortarboard caps to formally ‘graduate’ from Furze Platt. For many, it was an entirely trivial affair: the vast majority of the yeargroup returned in September, to join the Sixth Form. But for others, it marked their last hours on the school site, at the end of five happy years at the Senior School.

Since last June, time – as I’ve occasionally stopped to remark – has flown by with shocking speed. Now Head Boy, in a year’s time I myself will have left Furze Platt. Again. Except this time it’ll have been for good.

But today I was able to pause to watch as, a year on from the start of my own glorious summer of Year 11, my younger schoolmates took their turn at wearing the formalwear.

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Photo of the Week – 3 July 2011


This Week’s Photo

Despite my busy week experiencing the world of work at Virgin Media, this week’s photo comes from one of the two summer fairs that I provided a PA system for this weekend (the other being the Furze Platt Scout Group fete this afternoon). Taken in the vicarage garden during St Luke’s Church’s annual fundraiser, I like the bright colours; the sisterly figure of Gemma Bartholomew looking down at her younger brother; the mix of younger and older people; the presence of the loudspeaker on the right-hand-side, reminding me of my involvement with the fair; the traditional plant stall, tea stand, and raffle gazeboes just in view; and most of all the glorious weather.

You can read my full blog of Saturday’s church fete, with many more photos and an edited video, by clicking here.

About ‘Photo of the Week’

Every Sunday, I post a photograph taken at some point during the previous seven days. I know that many of the photos featured will not be of enviable quality or stunningly artistic composition, but then the aim is mainly to give me something to nostalgically look back over at the end of the year.

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Fireworks Rant Revisited – 8 November 2010

Further to my rant about Fireworks on Saturday, here’s what we woke up to yesterday (Sunday) morning: fireworks_remains_burnt out