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Review: Nativity! – 28 December 2011


BBC Films, 105 minutes


When I saw a film called Nativity on the BBC iPlayer earlier today, I sat down to watch it on our internet-connected television in the living room. One by one, the rest of the family joined me in watching this hilarious, 2009 movie.


The plot for Nativity! is, to say the least, basic, with two rival schools competing for a five-star review of their Christmas nativity play in the local paper. But despite the pretty inevitable ending, the film’s not boring – it’s much quicker to get going than Son Of Rambow (another film aired on the Beeb this Christmas), for example, and much funnier too.

THREE AMIGOS_Jason Watkins, Ashley Jensen, and Martin Freeman star, seen at the start of the film as Drama students.

The film begins with three drama students – Paul Maddens (Martin Freeman), his girlfriend Jennifer Lore (Ashley Jensen), and their friend Gordon Shakespeare (Jason Watkins) – dressed as elves, waiting in the wings for the Midlands Academy of Dramatic Art Christmas production. Fed up, they briefly describe their plans for the future, with Lore hoping to go into producing, and Maddens hoping to teach, met by an unimpressed look from his two co-stars: "Those who can’t act, teach," they say, "and those who can’t teach, teach primary."

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Review: Johnny English Reborn – 14 October 2011

Johnny English Reborn

Universal Pictures, 101 minutes


EXPLOSIVE FILM_Rowan Atkinson returns as the title role in this sequel to the 2003 spy-com film.

Ever since I caught wind of filming for a sequel to the brilliant 2003 comedy Johnny English, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the film’s release in cinemas. Tonight, I finally got the chance – just a week since the 2778m-long reel hit screens across the country – as I headed to ODEON Maidenhead with my friends Zac Brooke and Lorna Young.

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A BBC Audience with Jeremy Vine – 22 September 2011

Given how much I enjoyed listening to an interview with the BBC’s Mark Lawson in June, I was the first in Burdett Towers to express my interest for a similar event with another Beeb star, Jeremy Vine.

PROSPERO AND ARIEL_The famous Eric Gill statue.

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