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Post-Exam Thoughts: GCSE German Unit 2 (Reading) – 27 June 2012

Unlike last Monday’s Listening paper, which I sat at Foundation Tier, I’d been entered for the full-whack Higher Tier in this German Reading exam. Miraculously, in the first past-paper I sat (the exact same one I’d sat in the Mock exam at Christmas), I achieved an A* – albeit by the skin of my teeth. Sadly, there was less luck for the other three past-papers I completed, attaining mid to high Bs in all of them.

CLOSING THE BOOKS: At the end of three years of German-learning (two years less than French and Spanish students) I've finished the course.

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Post-Exam Thoughts: GCSE Physics P3 – 30 May 2012

As a subject I hope to take next year at AS-Level, today’s Physics exam was one of the ones that was more important to me. Unlike Thursday’s Chemistry paper, though, (a subject in which – thanks to modular exams – I already have high grades adding to my overall grade), I have a lower overall Physics ‘score’ thus far, so today’s exam ‘carried more weight’.

DARK SIDE OF THE EXAMS: I revised refraction and reflection lots, but couldn't manage the ray diagram question. (967833_20713519)

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Post-Exam Thoughts: GCSE Chemistry C3 – 24 May 2012

I’ve never regarded Chemistry as one of my fortes, though I’ve been surprised to see how well I have done at it throughout the GCSE AQA Science course (I’ve dropped fewer marks in it that any other subject).

Almost exactly a year ago, after sitting the C2 module, I wrote “I managed my time well, left no question undone, and had confidence in the answers I gave”. After seeing how hard I found today’s paper, my reaction couldn’t be more different. I was sporadic in the way I went about tackling the paper, jumping between the overall questions in a bid to ensure I didn’t leave any of the easy ones out, before eventually starting on the harder ones.

ALL NOW REDUNDANT: The Chemistry books and past papers that littered my floor last night can now be tidied away. (IMG_3363)

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