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Post-Exam Thoughts: GCSE German Unit 2 (Reading) – 27 June 2012

Unlike last Monday’s Listening paper, which I sat at Foundation Tier, I’d been entered for the full-whack Higher Tier in this German Reading exam. Miraculously, in the first past-paper I sat (the exact same one I’d sat in the Mock exam at Christmas), I achieved an A* – albeit by the skin of my teeth. Sadly, there was less luck for the other three past-papers I completed, attaining mid to high Bs in all of them.

CLOSING THE BOOKS: At the end of three years of German-learning (two years less than French and Spanish students) I've finished the course.

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Post-Exam Thoughts: GCSE German Unit 1 (Listening) – 18 June 2012

Throughout the GCSE German course, I spent many, many weekends learning what were effectively ‘scripts’ with the hope I’d be able to repeat them word-for-word in the six writing and speaking examinations (though only the best four were submitted). It’s a method that is frowned upon by most German teachers, as it isn’t thought to give students such great fluency in the language as other methods do. However, it worked for me, and for those elements (which make up 60 per cent of the final grade) I have quite decent marks.

PLAY THE TAPE: I sat today's Listening paper in a relatively quiet classroom in front of a CD player. (CDPlayerScreen_Vince Varga)

That made revising for today’s Listening paper seem easy – a piece of Kuchen. It was to be, after all, a glorified vocabulary test; merely a test to see how many of the words taught over the last two years could be recalled. Sitting only the Foundation Tier paper, I went in to the exam feeling relatively confident, having scored the highest possible grade (a C) in the three latest of the four past papers I took in preparation for today.

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Post-Exam Thoughts: GCSE Physics P3 – 30 May 2012

As a subject I hope to take next year at AS-Level, today’s Physics exam was one of the ones that was more important to me. Unlike Thursday’s Chemistry paper, though, (a subject in which – thanks to modular exams – I already have high grades adding to my overall grade), I have a lower overall Physics ‘score’ thus far, so today’s exam ‘carried more weight’.

DARK SIDE OF THE EXAMS: I revised refraction and reflection lots, but couldn't manage the ray diagram question. (967833_20713519)

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