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GCSEs 2012: It’s All Over, Let The Summer Begin – 27 June 2012

What a feeling! Months of relearning, revision, and stress are over. This morning, I completed my last exam of the season – and, all being well, my last ever GCSE exam – meaning I am now ‘free’.

AND NOW THE END IS HERE: This morning's GCSE German Reading paper was my last exam of the season. (IMG_6207)

“Right, with any luck, tomorrow’s #German‬ exam will be my last #GCSE‬ ever. And oh, boy, will it be great to leave the exam-hall tomorrow.”

— Andrew Burdett, tweet, 26 June 2012

Never again will I have to prepare and sit such a great number and wide range of subjects. It’s easy for those older than me – who’ve sat much longer and harder exams – to look at me and say “You don’t know what’s coming, boy”, but for me it really does feel like an achievement.

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Post-Exam Thoughts: GCSE History (Paper 2) – 15 June 2012

A few days after Tuesday’s OCR GCSE History exam on International Relations (1919 to 1945) and Germany (1919 to 1945), it was back to school for today’s paper on Britain (1945 to 1975).

#HistoryGCSE‬ Paper Two later this morning. Topics include NHS, immigration, and racism: it’s like reading the day’s papers. #NothingChanges‬

— Andrew Burdett, tweet, 15 June 2012

GIRL POWER: An image from the period of British History we were studying. (housewives-coffee-56-wmk)

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Post-Exam Thoughts: GCSE History (Paper 1) – 12 June 2012

This afternoon saw me donning my school uniform for the first time in a couple of weeks, as I went in to complete the first of my two GCSE History exams, in which I was examined in International Relations (1919 to 1945), and Germany (1919  to 1945).

SYMBOL OF PRIDE: I visited the rebuilt Reichstag as part of school's Berlin trip in February. (IMG_8074)

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