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‘The Stag’: Hot Off The Press – 21 October 2012

I made quite clear from my application letter that, if I were to be made Editor of The Stag (Furze Platt’s Sixth Form-produced newspaper), there’d be some pretty major changes. I’d give it a radical redesign, creating in the process a strong layout template for all future editions to be based on. I’d change the publication frequency, by moving from an inconsistent monthly system to a more realistic termly turnaround schedule. Above all else, I would give The Stag a new direction, declaring it would cover ‘some of the biggest stories of recent weeks, with top comment and features’.

I didn’t get the top job.

In fact, not one single person did. Instead, Mr Richards (Head of Sixth Form) approached me in June to form a small group to take over the running of the newspaper for this academic year. After a series of meetings and discussions, we both agreed to have three (rather than one, as before) Executive Editors, splitting the workload between myself and two others (Chloe Banks and Jack Cooper).

FIRST BATCH: Editions of the new-look school newsmagazine, The Stag. (IMG_3875)

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New Video: St Luke’s Trip to London – 11 September 2011

Back in August, during the school summer holidays, St Luke’s enjoyed a trip to London, where participants explored the British Library, stood for a photograph under Paul Day’s famous The Meeting Place sculpture at St Pancras International, and took a tour of St Paul’s Cathedral from the man who designed it, Sir Christopher Wren. I’ve just finished editing the video from that trip (don’t worry, I haven’t been working on it solidly since the summer), and it’s now available to view online by clicking here.

WELL BLOW ME_Sir John Betjeman's statue at St Pancras Railway Station.

BUS THROUGH LONDON_Church trip members take the bus through the Capital.

STANDING TALL_A bust of a figure in front of a large bookcase at the British Library.

INTRICATE DETAIL_The view of the ceiling of St Paul's Cathedral, as witnessed when laying on the floor of the quire.

CHEERFULLY CLOUDY_Me and my sister, Harriet, at the Golden Gallery on top of St Paul's Cathedral.

Worst Fake Death Ever? – 7 June 2011

For a couple of years now, I’ve been aware of Jay Brickell, a lad in the year above me who shares a similar interest in media, photography, and video. My relationship with him was strengthened enormously during Taplow Youth Choir’s trip to Catalonia in the Easter holidays (he’s the guy with whom I posed with the comedy breasts). He’s actually currently revising for his Media Studies GCSE, and – as coursework for it – made this video last summer.

I’d actually not seen that film until yesterday, when, during a moment of procrastination, I checked out his YouTube channel (JaymondB). There’s some nice stuff on there, and some of the angles he’s experimented with on his mountain-boarding video are really good. However, back to his coursework piece (a trailer for his fictional film ‘Personal‘), I loved the editing on it. OK, the technical quality’s not great, and the voiceover sounds like it was recorded with a finger over the microphone, but given the equipment he had available to him – and the limited time constraint he had to work in – it’s a great piece. That said, as the video-blog below shows, the acting towards the end petered somewhat.


JaymondB on YouTube
andrewburdett / ABSstudios on YouTube