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New Video: St Luke’s Trip to London – 11 September 2011

Back in August, during the school summer holidays, St Luke’s enjoyed a trip to London, where participants explored the British Library, stood for a photograph under Paul Day’s famous The Meeting Place sculpture at St Pancras International, and took a tour of St Paul’s Cathedral from the man who designed it, Sir Christopher Wren. I’ve just finished editing the video from that trip (don’t worry, I haven’t been working on it solidly since the summer), and it’s now available to view online by clicking here.

WELL BLOW ME_Sir John Betjeman's statue at St Pancras Railway Station.

BUS THROUGH LONDON_Church trip members take the bus through the Capital.

STANDING TALL_A bust of a figure in front of a large bookcase at the British Library.

INTRICATE DETAIL_The view of the ceiling of St Paul's Cathedral, as witnessed when laying on the floor of the quire.

CHEERFULLY CLOUDY_Me and my sister, Harriet, at the Golden Gallery on top of St Paul's Cathedral.

Family Walk in Chinnor – 23 April 2011

To give me and Mum a break from my revision, we drove to Oxfordshire, parked the car, and walked to the Chinnor train station. The weather (having been glorious all week) continued to hold, and I managed to get some nice photos of our afternoon.

BLUE SKY VISTA_At the start of our walk.

THE STATION'S THIS WAY, SIR_To the trains it was.

CALLING IN AT THE STATION_The train, almost ready to depart.

ALL ABOARD_My parents, Ann and Richard, on board the train.

IGNORING THE WARNINGS_Dad traditionally ignores the signs instructing him not to peer out of the window.

Here’s a little film I made of our ride on the train.

ROUGH CUT_A quick piece I made wholly for the blog.

Our afternoon was rounded off by a drink at the Aston Rowant National Nature Reserve, offering picturesque views of Oxfordshire (and the M40!).

FAMILY DAY OUT_Enjoying the last of Saturday's sunshine at the Aston Rowant Nature Reserve.

BY CONTRAST..._As seen at the Aston Rowant National Nature Reserve.

New Video: Sparklers’ Grand Day Out – 19 December 2010

NIGHTEYE_The London Eye illuminated at nightHey blog-mates,

You may remember when – earlier this month – I wrote about my day out in London, and shared some impressive (if I do say so myself) long-exposure photographs of the Capital.

I’m currently using the night footage for another project, but I had to make a video of the Sparklers youth discussion group’s trip to the National Gallery for today’s church service – the Christmas production, presented by the children and young people of the church. The idea for the theme of the service was taken from our series of discussions and examinations into Jesus through art. Therefore, we decided to make the play about an artist, studying under direction of Eunice Goodman (a local artist and member of the church congregation), who is painting scenes depicting the advent of Christmas. While I played the rather camp painter, ‘my’ paintings were projected up on a screen (though they were really works by the likes of Botticelli and Fra Filippo Lippi). The element of child and audience interaction came because my character persuaded them to pose for the session.

The Sparklers’ Trip to the National Gallery. Filmed 4 December, edited 18 December.

Anyway, as an opener to this service, we played the video made of the trip, and now you too can enjoy it. It’s on my ABSstudios YouTube channel but I’ve embedded it here also.

I tried to include a range of music to try and make the film viewable by as wide a range of people as possible, but also – as you can tell by the thumbnail – in an effort to make it fun, I didn’t exclude any bits of the day. That’s why you’ll see men running round Trafalgar Square in only their underwear accompanied by ‘The Stripper’, immediately next to images of Christ Before The High King accompanied by the Prelude from Grieg’s ‘Holberg Suite Op. 40’.

I hope you enjoy the film. As usual, comments are welcome either on the video itself on YouTube, or here.

Thanks for reading,