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Explorer Scout Camp Diary: Day Six – 9 August 2012

As I wake for my penultimate morning on the camp, I’m excited about the assault course activity planned. But after an accident at the end of the session, the rest of the day is forced to take a very different shape to the one on the schedule, as I’m rushed to A&E. Luckily, once discharged, I’m able to join the rest of the unit in a sunny Ilfracombe. (This is the sixth instalment: you can read about Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday by following the links.)

So this is it. I’ve probably built this up far too much, and if you’ve been eagerly awaiting a true tale of catastrophe, I sincerely apologise in advance: I’m afraid you will only be disappointed. What happened to my knee is nothing on what happened to my friend Joe’s finger – it came off, gruesomely. It’s certainly nothing when compared to the horror that the subjects of Our War (the extraordinary documentary series about the bloody Afghan conflict) go through. But for me, at the time, it was pretty nasty.

Be warned that this post does contain photographs of my wound.

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‘I Wish I Was James Bond’ Music Video Complete – 22 May 2010

DSCF5852 This morning, in my ‘private editing suite’, I completed what I believe is a masterpiece. Regular readers will remember Monday’s blog, when I started work on a music video for ICT. Well, today, I completed editing it. A few hours in the edit taught me several new skills in the software I use, along with making a fun bit of film.

I said earlier that it was ‘a masterpiece’. But I think what really made the video is its real sense of fun and pantomime. And that sense of fun came not from me individually, but my loyal and wonderful friends. It would not have been possible without their dedication, ideas, and hard work. Who says work can’t be fun?!

I’ll post a link to the video on YouTube on a blog in the coming days. It’s currently only been shown to my parents, as I want to keep it for everyone who was in it to enjoy first.