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FP3Peaks Expedition Hill-Walking Training – 27 June 2013

There’s now just over a week to go until the start of our Three Peaks weekend. Next Friday, approximately 40 Year 12s (including myself) will head up to Yorkshire in school minibuses. Then, on the Saturday (6 July), we’ll set off on the mammoth trek itself.

Said to be 26 miles long, including roughly 10,000 ft of ascent, we’re looking to complete the course in under ten hours.

REACH THE TOP: Miss MacAngus, Mr Zair, and Mr Taylor, with Pete Watt at the top of Winter Hill. (IMG_6557)

Having missed last week’s training hike to participate in my church’s Music Festival, I joined four others for a hill-walking session after-school today.


Midnight Walk – 23 June 2012

THE CRACK OF DAWN: We walked through the few hours of darkness, eventually arriving in Cookham for this sunrise. (Photo: Phil Bray)

I joined my friend Phil Bray and a few members of the Parkside Christian Fellowship group, for a walk from 12:00am to 5:00am on Saturday, 23 June 2012.

After a lack of information – causing me to doubt whether the event was even going ahead until twenty minutes before the scheduled start time, we met at Phil’s house at midnight then drove to Winter Hill to begin our nighttime trek. There, it transpired that I was in fact the only member of the party with a torch or map, but no matter – once we were out of the muddy, slippy woodlands and onto the more easily-navigable roads and footpaths, it wasn’t long before the sun began to rise.

A Few Ramblings...

We managed to muster five people out for our first Overnight Walk in two years, after the 2011 walk proved to be a victim of the weather.

Following a slightly chaotic lack of organisation on my part, Andrew Burdett was able to join myself, Robert, Ruth and Sean as we gathered at midnight before setting off in two cars.

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Photo of the Week – 12 June 2011


This Week’s Photo

Once again, I’m sorry. It’s another sunset. And yes, it was taken on my phone so there’s some horrible lens flare. But this was the week that was the week when Defra and the Environment Agency called a drought in East Anglia, whilst rain fell on Carnival-goers in Maidenhead.

I’d actually weighed up this week featuring a picture I took at the Carnival – but none of the ones I took stood out particularly well. Although there’s some great shots of my 60 seconds on the main stage, taken by Natalie Hills and my mother, the rule is that I have to have taken the photo myself. And, despite taking a picture of Ryan Tomlinson face-painting just before the show, I’ve always tried not to run a picture of just one single face.

So instead I’ve moved away from the idea of the Carnival altogether because, sadly, the rain kept me away from most of the rest of it, and instead trawled my phone.

This photo I took whilst helping at Cubs (just like 15 May’s), looking out over the fields in Cookham surrounding my group’s very own campsite.

About ‘Photo of the Week’

Every Sunday, I post a photograph taken at some point during the previous seven days. I know that many of the photos featured will not be of enviable quality or stunningly artistic composition, but then the aim is mainly to give me something to nostalgically look back over at the end of the year.

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