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Furze Platt Shake: Making Of and Reaction – 4 March 2013

EVERYBODY DANCE NOW: Ellie Brown tweeted this picture while we were preparing to film the exciting second shot. (BDJFl8wCEAAUGzy_elliebrun)

I wrote a post last month about filming our very own Furze Platt Sixth Form take on the popular Harlem Shake video phenomenon that is sweeping the web.

Here, just briefly, is how we did it.

We had a twenty-minute window to get the footage we needed. Given it was, after all, only going to result in 30 seconds’ worth of screen time, that may sound like a lot. It wasn’t. Not when you have to brief the scores of excitable participants, remove all clues of the mock-anarchy that is soon to descend on the common room, and politely explain to a teacher why it isn’t necessarily that easy to “honestly just really quickly” get a coffee from the machine right next to our camera. Factor in the need to fix a technical fault with the loudspeakers that would play the music track, and include also the time needed to get changed and reset for the second shot, and it becomes a miracle to think that we got what we needed in time. Read the rest of this entry

Top Gear Africa Special: Part One – 3 March 2013

I’m a great fan of Top Gear, but its India Special in 2011 was embarrassing to sit through. Happily, this year, it seems Andy Wilman and his team have redeemed themselves.

REFLECT ON THE SCENE: Hammond observing the Lake from his 'sitting room', atop his car roof.

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Worst Fake Death Ever? – 7 June 2011

For a couple of years now, I’ve been aware of Jay Brickell, a lad in the year above me who shares a similar interest in media, photography, and video. My relationship with him was strengthened enormously during Taplow Youth Choir’s trip to Catalonia in the Easter holidays (he’s the guy with whom I posed with the comedy breasts). He’s actually currently revising for his Media Studies GCSE, and – as coursework for it – made this video last summer.

I’d actually not seen that film until yesterday, when, during a moment of procrastination, I checked out his YouTube channel (JaymondB). There’s some nice stuff on there, and some of the angles he’s experimented with on his mountain-boarding video are really good. However, back to his coursework piece (a trailer for his fictional film ‘Personal‘), I loved the editing on it. OK, the technical quality’s not great, and the voiceover sounds like it was recorded with a finger over the microphone, but given the equipment he had available to him – and the limited time constraint he had to work in – it’s a great piece. That said, as the video-blog below shows, the acting towards the end petered somewhat.


JaymondB on YouTube
andrewburdett / ABSstudios on YouTube