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End of the Christmas Lights – 9 January 2012

Scroll down or click here for photographs of
our amazing Christmas decorations.

Over the course of the day, Dad’s been removing the Christmas Lights: taking down the various boards, stripping the blue tissue paper off the walls, and tearing out now-redundant wires.

TOOLS FOR THE JOB: All that remains of the Christmas Lights decorations are these tools on the control tower. (IMG_1800)

All that remains of the Lights are a few scars on the wallpaper, but more obviously the large control tower. That’s because Dad’s hoping to rebuild it in time for next Christmas’s display, using more modern technology that can be more easily replaced – unlike the vintage telephone exchange components that run the current system.


I decided against producing a video for family archive purposes of the show, knowing this can take many hours. That said, I’ll need to do one next Christmas, as the 2009 video (the only motion-picture record we have) has a very noisy SD picture, having been filmed on my old tape camera.

However, it was essential to get some good-quality photographs before the demolition began, and the best of these follow (rollover for captions).

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Review of the Week – 2 to 8 January 2012

Review of the Week: 2 to 8 January 2012

That Was The Week That Was

So here we are at the end of the first full week of 2012. This Review of the Week idea is to become a weekly feature, incorporating but replacing the Photo of the Week style of blogs that ran during the middle of last year.

The nation and the world has been gripped by the verdict of the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry, which has found Gary Dobson and David Norris guilty of the racist murder of the black teenager 18 years ago, thanks to the presence of new evidence. Other news this week includes the discovery of a murdered woman on the Sandringham estate; FrankTwitchy’s video of his dancing granny going viral; and the London 2012 Olympics ticket website breaking – again.

SPLASH FOR CASH: Me and my friends from the Dragons Explorer Scout Unit, shortly after the claxon sounded at the end of our stint at the Swimarathon on Saturday.

For me, it’s been a pretty quiet week, returning to school on Tuesday after the festive period, but with a fairly pointless school trip to the Science Museum on Thursday. Due to my attendance of Taplow Youth Choir, I was only able to swim once at the Lions Club’s 27th annual Swimarathon yesterday (Saturday), contributing towards the 56 50-metre laps my Explorer Scout unit racked up. I managed to raise some decent funds, which will be split jointly between the Lions Club’s charities and the Unit.

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Christmas Lights 2011: Assembly Begins – 4 December 2011

Scroll down or click here for my video.

With Christmas now just three weeks away, Dad started work on his annual indoor illuminations a few days ago. If you’ve never seen them, you won’t appreciate that they are a little more than tinsel and fairy-lights, so click here to watch a video of the 2009/2010 show.

ASSEMBLY LINE_Dad begins construction on the new nativity.

GENTLY DOES IT_Dad soldering wires to drive power to the new nativity.

There’s always something new every year, and this year’s no exception. He’s been slaving away in Harriet’s vacant room (she’s just set off on the Varsity ski trip), assembling a new nativity. At the moment, all the rest is secret, but below you can watch the latest in my Countdown to Christmas videos to see his progress so far.

Count down to Christmas 2011 with The Andrew Burdett Blog.