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Clearing Out The Kitchen – 6 February 2011

KUKE BUKES_Just one of the piles of cook books and recipe cards sorted through. Whilst the title does not sound particularly riveting, I promise you that this post is worthy of a quick scroll through. This year, we’re intending to have a massive clear-out: to go through and sort out the things that we do still need and use, and throw away the things we do not. As part of that operation, it’s anticipated that I will make a move out of the small bedroom that I’ve lived in for the first fourteen years of my life, and relocate into my brother’s room which has more space (making it better suited for studying for my GCSEs and A-Levels). The idea isn’t confirmed yet; the politics of the next few weeks will dictate whether I get to go ahead with the idea.

Until then, we’ve made a small start, going through the scores of cookery books and recipe cards that we’ve accumulated over the last 30 years. Many of them we do not use – we know how to make cakes, casseroles, and creamy desserts – but there are just a few that are still in circulation.

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