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FP3Peaks Expedition Hill-Walking Training – 27 June 2013

There’s now just over a week to go until the start of our Three Peaks weekend. Next Friday, approximately 40 Year 12s (including myself) will head up to Yorkshire in school minibuses. Then, on the Saturday (6 July), we’ll set off on the mammoth trek itself.

Said to be 26 miles long, including roughly 10,000 ft of ascent, we’re looking to complete the course in under ten hours.

REACH THE TOP: Miss MacAngus, Mr Zair, and Mr Taylor, with Pete Watt at the top of Winter Hill. (IMG_6557)

Having missed last week’s training hike to participate in my church’s Music Festival, I joined four others for a hill-walking session after-school today.


FPSS Gunge-A-Teacher – 29 March 2012

Over the last fortnight, each of the eight houses at Furze Platt (all named after nearby towns which lie on the Thames) has organised charity fundraiser events. From bake sales to magic shows, car washes to concerts, hundreds of pounds has been made for each house’s chosen charity.

A SIGHT TO BEHOLD: Staff and pupils gathered to watch colleagues and teachers get gunged. (IMG_9549)

Today, it was the turn of Windsor House to raise precious pennies for their nominated organisation, as what seemed like half the school gathered during second break on one of the top playing fields to find out which teacher had been voted to be gunged.

STICKY STUFF: The yellow, custard 'gunge'. (IMG_9530)

It’s not the first time Furze Platt’s held a ‘Gunge-A-Teacher’ event – back in 2007, Mr Shepherd and the recently-departed Mr Neill were covered in thick, red gloop for Red Nose Day.

20P A POP: Miss English sells last-minute votes to decide which teacher was to be gunged. (IMG_9523)

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