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Advert: ‘Tom’ (Google+) – 31 March 2012

It’s almost exactly two years since John Lewis aired their renowned Always A Woman advert for the first time, which followed one fame from infant girl to loving grandmother. After seeing it in that night’s edition of Britain’s Got Talent, I took to this blog to share it with readers. And that I intend to do with another advert – or ‘commercial’, as the marketers of the American company it promotes would say – this one for Google and, specifically, their Google+ social network.

Google have effectively given their own take on that JL Never Knowingly Undersold campaign, using Jaques’s All The World’s A Stage monologue from Shakespeare‘s As You Like It as the ‘soundtrack’ to the 90-second commercial, read by Benedict Cumberbatch.

Personally, I still prefer the beautiful colouring of the 2010 ad even though, unlike this one, it’s technically impossible: the child at the birthday party could not have been wearing clothes from the same era as the elderly lady seen at the end of the video if they were indeed the same person (in this one, there’s two ‘real time’ eras, with Tom’s son, Tom today, and Tom as a grandfather illustrating the ‘seven ages of man’, getting around that problem). But even still, it’s a great clip, and interesting to see Google (a long-pioneering web company) advertising through a much older and less-targetable medium (one that they don’t have any control over) for what is really the first time.

Worst Fake Death Ever? – 7 June 2011

For a couple of years now, I’ve been aware of Jay Brickell, a lad in the year above me who shares a similar interest in media, photography, and video. My relationship with him was strengthened enormously during Taplow Youth Choir’s trip to Catalonia in the Easter holidays (he’s the guy with whom I posed with the comedy breasts). He’s actually currently revising for his Media Studies GCSE, and – as coursework for it – made this video last summer.

I’d actually not seen that film until yesterday, when, during a moment of procrastination, I checked out his YouTube channel (JaymondB). There’s some nice stuff on there, and some of the angles he’s experimented with on his mountain-boarding video are really good. However, back to his coursework piece (a trailer for his fictional film ‘Personal‘), I loved the editing on it. OK, the technical quality’s not great, and the voiceover sounds like it was recorded with a finger over the microphone, but given the equipment he had available to him – and the limited time constraint he had to work in – it’s a great piece. That said, as the video-blog below shows, the acting towards the end petered somewhat.


JaymondB on YouTube
andrewburdett / ABSstudios on YouTube

Royal Windsor Tattoo – 15 May 2011

As a special treat, Mum purchased tickets for us to attend the Royal Windsor Horse Show and Tattoo today (Sunday, 15 May 2011). However, with revision occupying most of my day (and church and a drama class at Norden Farm to squeeze in as well), we opted to go solely for the Tattoo this evening. In this blog, I share some of the photos and videos I took at the event.

CASTLE BY KNIGHT_Windsor Castle, illuminated, as viewed from Home Park.

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