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SACRE Film Festival – 7 July 2010

This is the video that was shown at the Film Festival on Wednesday night.

Regular readers will remember when I wrote with my thoughts on ABSstudios’ latest production; a short for the SACRE Film Festival to be held this evening (7 July 2010).

Compared and presented by Mike Gammage, each school was invited to introduce their film, and then all of us in the audience would watch.

The rules of the competition; the film must not be in excess of ten minutes in length, it should try not to use excessive amounts of out-of-school equipment, and the film must be themed around ‘Religion and Science: competing or complimentary?’.

ticketWhile most (if not all) of the equipment and editing was my own, conducted at ABSstudios; I didn’t feel too bad, as I am ABSstudios, and without me, I doubt the film would have happened.

Following the screening, we were given feedback and a certificate which was great; giving me recognition for my work from an outsider of the Burdett family.

“You used a good range of shots; ‘over-the-shoulder’s, ‘noddy’s, and these were complimented with a good range of musical ‘beds’ and graphics on-screen. Thank you.”

– Michael Story, SACRE Film Festival 2010, 7 July 2010

It was a good evening, but – as I said on my Monday night/Tuesday morning blog – I’m glad to see the back of this film, which has been really hard work.

My thanks, of course though, to Mr Boniface for organising and co-writing the film. Thanks.

‘I Wish I Was James Bond’ Music Video Complete – 22 May 2010

DSCF5852 This morning, in my ‘private editing suite’, I completed what I believe is a masterpiece. Regular readers will remember Monday’s blog, when I started work on a music video for ICT. Well, today, I completed editing it. A few hours in the edit taught me several new skills in the software I use, along with making a fun bit of film.

I said earlier that it was ‘a masterpiece’. But I think what really made the video is its real sense of fun and pantomime. And that sense of fun came not from me individually, but my loyal and wonderful friends. It would not have been possible without their dedication, ideas, and hard work. Who says work can’t be fun?!

I’ll post a link to the video on YouTube on a blog in the coming days. It’s currently only been shown to my parents, as I want to keep it for everyone who was in it to enjoy first.

Creating a Music Video – 17 May 2010

andrew_bond In ICT at the moment, we’re studying ‘movie editing’. Any one who knows me well will know that through my company (ABSstudios) I love making short films; often documentaries about trips, days out, or holidays, but occasionally other projects such as this year’s school Dance Show.

I’ve been using some of the very best kit, and recently purchased a Contour Design ShuttleXpress, to allow me to cut clips quicker, and increase the speed of my workflow. It came as a surprise, then, when we were told that all of us would have to use Windows Movie Maker for our editing. Don’t get me wrong, I like Windows Movie Maker. It’s a nice, simple tool, which I found adequate for my purposes until a couple of years ago. Eventually, we – as a class – encouraged the teachers to allow us to use Adobe® Premiere if we felt capable.

Another surprise was the ban of images in the storyboards we had to create to plan our clips. Eventually, we were able to overthrow this ban too, on the condition that we drew the images ourselves on paper.

Today, after several lessons of planning, we were allowed to head out with cameras. So, I gathered several of my friends and they danced and I filmed. Then I filmed the few members of staff who also agreed to dance!

The song I had chosen was Scouting For Girls’ hit ‘I Wish I Was James Bond’. My intention was to mix the shots from earlier in with shots of me miming the words of the song, and performing secret-agent style things (like using my smartphone, ‘hacking’ a computer, putting on a watch etc). I wanted to give it all a real James Bond feel though, so I wore a bow-tie, shirt, trousers, and jacket (as seen in the picture)! To add to the sense of spying, I also gave myself a black background with some mounting board and card, and then pulled down the blinds. After a couple of hours, the room was very warm and I was boiling, so I have the windows open now as I’m writing this to get some air in!

I am yet to edit it, as I want to film some more of my friends and fellow classmates dancing around the school site, but be sure I’ll upload it for your viewing pleasure onto the interweb when I’m done.