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Jamboree Report Back – 16 October 2011

Two months after returning from the World Scout Jamboree, the Berkshire Unit reunited today to report back on our experiences. Assembled before us, in the Main Hall at Kennet School, were over a hundred parents and Scout leaders, all keen to hear about our "adventure of a lifetime".

Before the PowerPoint started, there were a number of tables set up, with badges, uniforms, and various other pieces of Jamboree-themed memorabilia from Sweden laid across them. Much of this had been swapped with fellow Scouts whilst out there, a tradition on large-scale camps.

QUITE A CROWD_There were a good number of parents, Scout leaders, and friends to watch our Report Back presentation.

BADGE SWAPPERS_A few of the girls in the Unit, proudly displaying the badges they'd swapped in Sweden.

I acted as the presenter, with assistance from two fellow Berkshire Jamboreers who, like me, were trained late last year in public speaking. We began with a video clip put together by World Scouting, about the friendly atmosphere on site.

Natasha Marlow then spoke about the selection weekend held in early-March 2010, before the Winsor Patrol  (each ‘patrol’ was named after a Royal Household) discussed the Denmark pre-event.

Having been given full control over our patrol’s presentation, I decided that each patrol-member would choose and speak about their favourite picture taken on the Jamboree site, using a blend of mini-interviews and short speeches to add interest. The result was effective, and there were topics ranging from communication skills and the site itself, to the food and the activities on offer.

Another of the four patrols discussed both the Camp in Camp experience and the International Day of Culture (the latter of which involved the playing of another video by World Scouting).

The final patrol to present spoke of their individual experiences on Home Hospitality, the final part of the Jamboree where we were shipped off to stay with families across the south of Finland. Surprisingly, this was the first time many of us had listened in detail to our comrades’ tales, due to the sheer excitement that we were all experiencing as we boarded the plane home, hours after being reunited. It was brilliant to find out what fellow unit-members had got up to, but I still maintain that my time with the Juhanojas was the best!

The entire presentation concluded with a Question and Answers style session, where I played Jonathan Dimbleby, posing queries from the floor to ‘the panel’ (leaders and young people alike); and a video of the highlights of the Jamboree itself.

IT'S RATHER SPACIOUS_Parents were given the opportunity to have a look inside one of the tents - our homes for two weeks.

Click here to view the PowerPoint.

Click here to download my diary or read more about the trip.

New Video: St Luke’s Trip to London – 11 September 2011

Back in August, during the school summer holidays, St Luke’s enjoyed a trip to London, where participants explored the British Library, stood for a photograph under Paul Day’s famous The Meeting Place sculpture at St Pancras International, and took a tour of St Paul’s Cathedral from the man who designed it, Sir Christopher Wren. I’ve just finished editing the video from that trip (don’t worry, I haven’t been working on it solidly since the summer), and it’s now available to view online by clicking here.

WELL BLOW ME_Sir John Betjeman's statue at St Pancras Railway Station.

BUS THROUGH LONDON_Church trip members take the bus through the Capital.

STANDING TALL_A bust of a figure in front of a large bookcase at the British Library.

INTRICATE DETAIL_The view of the ceiling of St Paul's Cathedral, as witnessed when laying on the floor of the quire.

CHEERFULLY CLOUDY_Me and my sister, Harriet, at the Golden Gallery on top of St Paul's Cathedral.

Photo of the Week – 4 September 2011


This Week’s Photo

How could this week’s Photo of the Week be anything other than something from my parents’ silver wedding anniversary party?! Held earlier today (Sunday, 4 September), it allowed the whole family (along with friends and neighbours) to meet up in the beautiful venue of Norden Farm. Although this photo doesn’t show Mum or Dad – the cake-cutting one was a close second, but just didn’t give enough context – it does show their guests, sat around the beautifully decorated tables, and listening to Harriet’s friends singing some of their favourite songs. I also really like the cheeky balloon visible at the top of the frame, which was a gift from Mum’s brother and sister-in-law.

About ‘Photo of the Week’

Every Sunday, I post a photograph taken at some point during the previous seven days. I know that many of the photos featured will not be of enviable quality or stunningly artistic composition, but then the aim is mainly to give me something to nostalgically look back over at the end of the year.

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