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Top Gear Africa Special: Part One – 3 March 2013

I’m a great fan of Top Gear, but its India Special in 2011 was embarrassing to sit through. Happily, this year, it seems Andy Wilman and his team have redeemed themselves.

REFLECT ON THE SCENE: Hammond observing the Lake from his 'sitting room', atop his car roof.

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‘The Stag’: Hot Off The Press – 21 October 2012

I made quite clear from my application letter that, if I were to be made Editor of The Stag (Furze Platt’s Sixth Form-produced newspaper), there’d be some pretty major changes. I’d give it a radical redesign, creating in the process a strong layout template for all future editions to be based on. I’d change the publication frequency, by moving from an inconsistent monthly system to a more realistic termly turnaround schedule. Above all else, I would give The Stag a new direction, declaring it would cover ‘some of the biggest stories of recent weeks, with top comment and features’.

I didn’t get the top job.

In fact, not one single person did. Instead, Mr Richards (Head of Sixth Form) approached me in June to form a small group to take over the running of the newspaper for this academic year. After a series of meetings and discussions, we both agreed to have three (rather than one, as before) Executive Editors, splitting the workload between myself and two others (Chloe Banks and Jack Cooper).

FIRST BATCH: Editions of the new-look school newsmagazine, The Stag. (IMG_3875)

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London 2012 Opening Ceremony: Isles of Wonder – 27 July 2012

‘The centre of the world’ is a media hyperbole used too frequently to describe something that people from around the world are perceived to be focussed on. But last night’s breathtaking Olympic Opening Ceremony really was just that: a spectacle beheld by an estimated 4.8 billion people (meaning more individual eyes watched than the sum of all populations of all nations). And, taking place just over four miles virtually due north of the Royal Observatory, Greenwich (Greenwich Park the Equestrian and Pentathlon venue for the Games), there’s no denying that, last night, E20 2ST really was the centre of the world.

OFF WITH A BANG: The Opening Ceremony drew to a close in the early hours of this morning with incredible fireworks.

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