New Church ‘InSpire’ Magazine – 22 September 2013

COFFEE TABLE READING: InSpire goes on sale in church today (Sunday). (IMG_0855)As honorary Editor of InSpire – the magazine of St Luke’s Church, Maidenhead – my role requires me to commission the writing of articles, abridge longer reports, and decide on the layout of the pages.

For this latest Autumn 2013 edition, I made the (brave!) decision to move to InDesign, having used Apple’s Pages application since I took over the editorship in 2010. InDesign has a great deal more functionality and power than Pages, but it is far less intuitive for the first-time user.

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Dear Year 12s… – 10 September 2013

A frighteningly fast year on from my own Year 12 Parents’ Information Evening, I’ve sat two batches of exams, helped with the school’s 50th birthday celebrations, and been made Head Boy. And it’s in that role which I spoke tonight, to this year’s Year 12s and their parents.

Here’s a version of the speech I gave.

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Powerboat Experience – 1 September 2013

POWERRR: The speedboat was capable of speeds of up to 35 knots. (GOPR7918)

Barely a few hours after unpacking from Scout Camp, I was on the road again this morning, heading for Southampton with my sister. After spotting a Groupon deal, Mum had arranged for the two of us to experience an hour on a powerboat, in celebration of my becoming Head Boy and of Harriet turning 22.

SELFIE: I used my GoPro to take this photo, as well as to film the extreme action. (GOPR7929)Once fitted with the necessary life-jackets, the twelve of us in the party were given a safety briefing. The boat – a Jet Viper – was clearly built for speed rather than comfort, and our skipper dutifully explained that we would need to cling on to the ‘grab rails’ firmly when the boat was going at top-speed.

“Any questions?”, he asked, after delivering his instructions.

“Yeah,” replied a fellow member of the party, “Do you serve tea on board?”

An amusing comment, but the smiles would quickly be wiped off our faces after the short voyage out to the Southampton Water estuary. There, the skipper had the space to really show off the power of the boat; at one point making our wake leave incredible cyclic trails. Half-way through the experience, those at the front (including Harriet and me) swapped seats with those at the back, meaning everyone got an experience at both ends of the powerful craft.

All in all, it was a great morning, and a fabulous finale to this amazing summer of 2013.